Your Vehicle,
Your Data

Don't just own your car. Own the data it creates as well.
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Why is your owning your vehicle's data imporant?

Your vehicle generates a lot of data. This data can be used to to improve a car's resale value, or lower your insurance premiums. Business can use it to improve compliance and regulatory reporting. Governments can use it for better city, country and continental planning.

But the data generated can be intrusive. It shows where you go, and when. Gora allows you to take ownership of this data, and only share what is important, with who is important. Don't let your data belong to company's who will make you the product!


Lower Premiums,
Higher Resale

Whether personal or business, lower your insurance premiums and increase your resale value by keeping a tamper-proof record of your vehicle's history. And do it without sharing the specifics of your location or driving patterns.

Less Admin,
Higher Compliance

Reporting can be tedious. Complying with hours of service (HOS) regulations, or providing accurate fuel tax or emission reports can be costly. Use Gora to create a permanent, tamper proof record, while only sharing the information needed to prove compliance.
Logistics & Supply chain

Supply Chain Visibility

Get better visibility into the movement of cargo - whether tracking for regulatory purposes, or to provide transparency to stakeholders in the supply chain.
The ability to own the data your vehicle produces, and share the insights it provides, is one of the exciting prospects of blockchain. Gora makes this a possibility.
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