Ensure Quality is Met

Whether verifying the cold chain, or monitoring conditions crop conditions.
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Provable Record Keeping

share their driving habits to improve a car's resale value, or lower their insurance premiums. Business can use it to improve compliance and regulatory reporting, such as complying with hours of service (HOS) regulations, or providing accurate fuel tax reports or emissions and fuel efficiency reporting.


Ensure storage or transportation conditions are met

Sensors measuring humidity, air quality, and other environmental conditions in storage facilities can provide data to oracles. This information ensures that crops are stored in optimal conditions to maintain quality.

Ensure goods
have been kept well

Sensor data, such as temperature logs, can be stored on the blockchain. This creates an immutable record of the entire cold chain, which can be crucial for compliance, auditing, and dispute resolution.

All Parties alerted immediately

If a temperature deviation is detected, oracles can trigger smart contracts to send real-time alerts to relevant parties. This allows for immediate corrective actions to maintain the integrity of perishable goods.
As Global widens and we rely on partners to keep conditions, sharing data and insights will be key
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