Verify information about you without sharing the data.
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A New Era of Trust

Gora provides solutions that allow Individuals to share dynamic, private data, such as credit worthiness or income details, without sharing the actual data. Gone are the days when institutions get full access to your history to make decisions.


Prove Your Membership

Show you belong to a group - whether a credit union or a private members association. Providing exclusive content or deals has never easier or more targeted.

Prove Your Credit Worthiness

Stop sharing your full credit report with lending or collections institutions. By only sharing the final result needed to make decisions (e.g a score is above 750), you maintain your privacy and security.


KYC processes are increasingly required proof of recent addresses, source of funds or bank statements. Instead of sharing the full details, only share that you are who you say you are.
The adoption of verifiable credentials is not a matter of it but when.
Read our blog post to see how Verifiable Credentials will be useful, and why the are the future of identification.
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