Verifiable Emissions

Trust based reporting is coming to an end. Get ahead
of the curve.
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No More Estimating Your Emissions

As the planets heats up, reducing GHG emissions is a major priority. But to reduce it, we must accurately measure it. As reporting requirements get stricter, automated data collection systems will be crucial.

Gora takes the emissions data generated by your sensors, and creates blockchain based records, proving to regulators, customers and investors that your ESG claims are accurate. We integrate well with your existing carbon accounting software.


Use Sensors to get correct info

Sensors can help you get the most accurate emissions from your plants, warehouses, farms and transportation for the most accurate scope 1 reporting.

Reduce the burden

By having clear GHG emission data, you can automate the reporting process, as well as provide your suppliers and customers the information they need for their scope 2/3 reporting needs.

Marketing out with your green claims

Do you market yourself as a green company? Now you can prove that you are compaint and have the lowest emissions, or that you offset them. Move away from trust based systems to gain a competitive advantage.
From industries like Automotive and Logistics to Mining and Oil and Gas, there is an increase demand from consumers, regulators, and investors for data sharing and transparency. This has led to frontier technologies, such as Blockchain, AI/ML, and IoT, becoming significant trends in the current digital transformation landscape.
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