establishing trust and transparency for Content Creators

Empowering Media Trust through Transparency

Rebuilding Media
Trust with Source Verification

Media companies struggle to prove the authenticity of sources and content, eroding audience trust and hindering their ability to fulfill their crucial role in society.
This is where Gora Network, steps in with its powerful oracle service. Gora offers a unique solution for verifying source and identity, empowering media companies to rebuild trust and transparency in their content.

Verifying source credentials

On-chain storage of source information (credentials, location, contact details) provides an immutable record, establishing legitimacy and preventing manipulation.

Enabling self-sovereign identities (SSIs)

Media companies can facilitate the creation and management of SSIs for content creators, empowering them with control over their identities and fostering accountability.

Real-time data verification

Gora can retrieve and verify data points like location or timestamps in real-time, enhancing content authenticity.

Securing Media Integrity

Gora's Blockchain Solution for Source Verification and Confidentiality

Media companies can use Gora to securely store and verify source credentials (location, contact details, affiliations) on the blockchain, while maintaining 100% confidentiality/privacy.The unique design of the Gora oracle´s network and Blockchain technology work together to create an immutable record, proving the existence and legitimacy of the source without revealing the creator's data

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